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Long-Term Care

Insurance solutions that protect against a long term care event, continues to be the most evolving area of the insurance industry.

With new solutions being offered through Hybrid products, LTC riders, and Chronic/Critical Illness riders, it is important to have access and training for each LTC solution being offered within the brokerage community. It is just as important to have access to traditional LTC solutions offered by carriers with strong financial ratings, experience within the LTC marketplace, and a proven track record for paying claims.

NBA offers its members access to these solutions and educational opportunities for those LTC products that are new for you and your firm. The NBA Academy held a detailed examination of the available Hybrid, Chronic/Critical Illness, and LTC riders at the 2013 NBA Fall Meeting. The session covered the nuances of each product, examining the positives and negatives applied to various customer situations. Members who attended the sessions provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.