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NBA History

‚ÄčOver 40 years ago, a group of general agents learned of major changes a carrier was making that would change the relationship and business dealings between the carrier and their agencies. These general agents quickly formed a study group to explore and evaluate both their individual and group options. As a result of that study group, National Brokerage Agency was incorporated on November 17, 1981 in Wilmington, Delaware with an initial membership of 13 general agents.

During early study group meetings, the general agents realized that by joining together they could earn better contracts, access new products and markets, and provide a higher quality of services to their members and their customers. Early NBA carrier relationships included Union Central, US Life, DelAmerican and North American. NBA grew from the original 13 members to 25 in 1997, 50 in 2002, and currently includes 85 MGA or BGA firms. Milestones along the way included in 1998, a professional, carrier-trained underwriter in 2000 and a full-time Executive Director in 2004.

The membership of NBA has always been diverse, with a commonality being motivated entrepreneurs seeking to use the structure of NBA to grow and improve their business in a manner that works best for their individual firms.

From the beginning, NBA has been run and managed by the membership for the exclusive benefit of the membership as a whole. This not-for-profit corporate structure allows for a very cost effective means for NBA operations. Membership dues have been set at a very reasonable level. Every member has exactly the same voice, rights, contract availability and opportunities as any other member. This has been and will continue to be a core foundation of the organization.